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About Our Preschool

Our Preschool Philosophy

Create, Learn & Grow are the goals for each day our preschoolers come to school.  


Create through art, constructing, and use of imagination in play.

Learn through play, socialization, literacy, science, mathematics, and classroom themes.

Grow through a variety of activities, communication, self-confidence, making mistakes, and trying something new.

We encourage children to be well balanced by teaching life skills, establish Christian values, and encouraging our preschoolers to be life long learners. 

History of our Preschool

Our preschool is a ministry of Highland Covenant Church.  It was founded in 1968 when a need for a preschool on the Eastside was noticed.  We were the first preschool in Bellevue!


In addition to educating and nurturing preschool children, we are here to listen and care for the whole family.

Our preschool is in a thriving location; we feel fortunate to be a support to the community and to all of those who enter our doors.  

We look forward to meeting you and hope to have you join our growing preschool family.

Mission Statement

Highland Christian Preschool seeks to provide a beginning learning experience in a Christian environment where every child is loved, respected, and valued for his or her uniqueness.

We seek to provide a balanced curriculum that focuses on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well being of every child.

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