Young 3's:  2.5 years - 3 years

This class is created specifically for the first time preschooler.  

It is a theme based program in a nurturing environment with a focus on socialization and social & emotional development. STEAM, literacy, writing, music, chapel, and large motor skills are incorporated into daily classroom activities along with curriculum from ZooPhonics and Learning Without Tears.                  Ratio is 5:1

Communication & Writing Class

The primary focus of this class is building your preschool child’s self-confidence through verbal communication.  Children will expand their vocabulary through activities, games, and group projects led by their teacher.  Writing and pre-reading activities will be implemented as well to enhance your preschooler's learning. This class is a great addition to your Preschool or Pre-K class or on its own.                                                                        Ratio is 7:1 

Lunch Bunch

Students bring their lunch from home and gain an additional 45 minutes to their school day.  This encourages independence and prepares each child for the longer kindergarten day.

Offered 11:45-12:30 for both morning and afternoon Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Classes.